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Connecting Humans to Equations

Connecting Humans to Equations

The book "Connecting humans to equations" has just been published by Springer. Here Ole Ravn and Ole Skovsmose present a four dimensional philosophy of mathematics, addressing ontological, epistemological, sociological and ethical issues. By stressing the sociological and introducing the ethical dimension, the book provides an original contribution to the philosophy of mathematics.

Information about the book

The two authers are Professor Emeritus Ole Skovsmose and Associale Professor Ole Ravn. They both work at the Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University.

Mathematics is an integral part of human and social life, meaning that a philosophy of mathematics must include several dimensions. The book describes theese dimensions by the following four questions that structure the content of the book:

  • Where is mathematics?
  • How certain is mathematics?
  • How social is mathematics?
  • How good is mathematics?

These four questions refer to the ontological, epistemological, social, and ethical dimension of a philosophy of mathematics. While the ontological and epistemological dimensions have been explored in all classic studies in the philosophy of mathematics, the exploration of the book is unique in its social and ethical dimensions. It argues that the foundation of mathematics is deeply connected to human and social actions and that mathematics includes not just descriptive but also performative features. This human-centered and accessible interpretation of mathematics is relevant for students in mathematics, mathematics education, and any technical discipline and for anybody working with mathematics.

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On the book’s webpage on Springer.com there is an option on the right side of the screen, which allows interested reviewers to reserve an online book review copy of the work – they would just need to create a Springer account in order to do so.


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