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Transgressive, but fun!

Booklet med undertitlen Music in University Learning Environments: Bogen er skrevet af lektor Julie Borup Jensen og er udgivet på Aalborg Universitetsforlag.

Picture of "Transgressive, but fun!"This booklet is about the possible benefits of doing something different with the students in your classroom - to do rhythms! Rhythmical exercises benefit students in various ways: they move their bodies, getting new oxygen to their brains, they see other sides of each other, creating new bonds, they relate to the culture of education by other means than words, creating new ways of belonging, just to mention a few.

All together, rhythms, like other musical forms, can create a positive atmosphere in the classroom, creating conditions for individual and social learning in a supportive learning environment. If you, like many university teachers, do not have special musical training, the booklet provides a few practical exercises and video instructions, guiding the non-musician university teacher on how to lead a rhythmical exercise.

The booklet is the third in Higher Education Practices Series.


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