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Bente Elkjær

Danish School of Education - Uddannelsesvidenskab, Emdrup


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Bente Elkjaer holds a chair (2002-) within learning theory with special focus upon learning in organizations and working life at the Department of Education, Aarhus University (Campus Copenhagen). Bente researches at the 'crossroads' between educational and organizational studies and she is engaged in how organizations and people 'produce' knowledge and how knowledge can be shared through the organizing of work and management as well as through learning. Bente’s main theoretical sources of inspiration are American pragmatism by way of the philosopher and educational thinker, John Dewey's works, which she is continuously struggling to understand. She is particularly interested in how pragmatism may be understood in light of the ‘practice turn’ in the social sciences.

Bente’s current project (with Ass. Prof. and Dept. Head, Pia Bramming) is researching into the issue of the accreditation of universities, how it affects organizational relations and what it does to the quality of education. In terms of teaching, Bente is coordinating the subject, ‘Development and Management of Human Resources and Organizations’ in the Department' MA in Educational Science as well as gives miscellaneous talks and supervises students at different levels.

Apart from her past employment at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) (1989-2002), Bente is the former Head of The Doctoral School of Organizational Learning (DOCSOL) (2004-2010), and the Editor in Chief of Management Learning, The Journal for Managerial and Organizational Learning (2005-2010). Bente is also the former Head of the Department of Learning at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University (Campus Copenhagen) (2008-2011).







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Hilary is a scholar-practitioner focused on the human and organizational dimensions of creating healthy communities. She is the guiding convener and CEO of AR+ Foundation, the global virtual community for participatory action researchers “accomplishing more good together.”

A professor of organization studies since 1998 (Case Western [assistant/associate], USC [associate] and OHSU [full]), today she is Editor-in-chief of the international peer reviewed Action Research Journal (Sage Publications).  Today she enjoys formal affiliations with California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS), USA., Chalmers U. (Sweden), and the Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK.

Hilary was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland and educated at Trinity College after which she attended the Divinity Schools at Harvard and University of Chicago. Her PhD from Boston College focused on organizational change and transformation toward a more sustainable world.

Author of numerous journal articles and editor of the popular series of Handbooks of Action Research (Sage), her latest books include Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry (Integral Publishers, 2016, with Bill Torbert), Cooking with Action Research (2017, with AR+ Associates); and, coming September 2019, Cocina Popular (AR+ Associates).  Hilary served as a member of the  teaching circle at Zen Center of Portland until 2018;  she led the "Next Gen Zen" program, which integrated self awareness/mindfulness meditation with the work of sustainable social transformation.

Hilary leads the AR+ ARTists Academy as a call to educators to create and enable together a conscious contribution in service of a regenerative world. She co-stewards all Co-lab workshops and works to integrate across them to inform the ARTists Academy’s “special sauce” - namely our emphasis on soulfulness with pragmatism in scholarly practice and transformative learning spaces. 








Barbara Simpson



Barbara Simpson is Professor of Leadership and Organisational Dynamics at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow, UK, Distinguished Professor of Learning and Philosophy at Aalborg University, Denmark, Visiting Professor at TU Delft in the Netherlands, and Senior Editor at Organization Studies. Her career trajectory has evolved from her original training in physics and researching the subterranean dynamics of geothermal fluids, to her current interests in process ontologies and their implications for the ever-changing dynamics of organising; from her country of birth, New Zealand, to the country of her ancestors, Scotland; and from the dynamic weather systems of one island nation to another. Along the way, she has worked within a variety of different research paradigms, recognising both the strengths and the limitations of each. Arising from this experience, her current work is philosophically processual, which enables her to engage with the creative, performative emergence of organisational living as it actually happens.

Barbara’s recent writing is strongly influenced by the American Pragmatists, especially George Herbert Mead, whose spatial and temporal appreciation of conversation offers a rich ground for exploring the social dynamics of meaning-making. She has applied this thinking to a number of different organisational problematics including the generativity of meetings, the social emergence of ethics, the flows and movements of practice, the correspondence between creativity and control in project management, and the challenges of doing empirical research in contexts characterised by continuous novelty rather than comfortable regularities.








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Steen is professor emeritus (Organization theory and Leadership) at Aarhus University, adjunct professor (Philosophy and Learning) at Aalborg University and adjunct professor (Leadership) at CBS, Copenhagen Business School. He is the author of more than fifty books on leadership, sustainable leadership, change management and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He has contributed to more than two hundred books and has published a number of refereed journal articles. He is the member of a range of board of directors and advisory boards for civil organization, private companies, education institutions etc.