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PhD courses

Since 2019 the PhD program uses Moodle to manage alle PhD courses. You will be asked to sign in before you can sign up for the courses.


Cancelled. Organizational learning in a changing world – Tomorrows’ solutions for the problems of today, April

Moved to 2021, Tværfaglighedens videnskabsteori og videnskabelige praksis i den pædagogiske sektor, Maj

Online all days. Audio/visual approaches in the investigation of complex learning processes, May

Moved to 2021. IV International perspectives on education policy (IPEP) Summer School, August

Social constructivism applied to discourse studies, November


Eating Places and Social Foodscapes, June

Contemporary issues in political and democratic theory, August

Small devices & Big data. Technology, learning & transition in emerging foodscapes, November


Health Sociology – studies and inspirations from the Bourdieuian tradition, December 2018 

Small devices & Big data for Food, August 2018

Material Things and Processes in Social Life and Social Science, Oktober 2018

Aktionskforskning - Forandring som forskningstilgang, November 2018

Situational Analysis in Theory and Practice, Juni 2018

Fall 2017

Analyzing individual ‘health investments’ across the spheres of work, education and health care

Spring 2017

Learning, creativity and innovative learning processes in organizations and education

Multimodal (inter)action analysis of video

Practice Theory and Methodology (Fylly booked)

Practice Theory, Social Constructionism, and Discursivity (Fully booked)

How to reflect and include understandings of global changes in social research


Former PhD courses

Fall 2016

Video ethnography for the study of human practice

Videnskabsteori og forskningsdesign

Researching Peace: International Institutions, International Law and World Politics (PhD Winter school)


Spring 2016 (No Links added below)

Practice Theory

Learning, creativity and innovative learning processes

Forår 2015

Game Oriented Learning Designs - Level 1

Practice Theory – A New Research Agenda – and its implication

Embedded Conceptualizations of Learning within (Shared) Innovation Processes

Researching International Organizations

Efterår 2014




Program Director Lektor Lars Birch Andreasen
Phone 9940 2361

PhD secretary Jeanette Arboe
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