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Practice Theory, Social Constructionism, and Discursivity

Course titel : Practice Theory, Social Constructionism, and Discursivity

Organiser/s: Professor mso Anders Buch – Department of Learning and Philosophy (TANT & LUF)


Professor Theodore Schatzki, University of Kentucky and Adjunct Professor at Aalborg University

Prof. Pirkko Liisa Raudaskoski, Aalborg Univerisity

Prof. mso Anders Buch

Prof. emeritus John Shotter, University of New Hampsire

Course description:

Practice Theory, Social Constructionism, and Discursivity

During the last decatedes there has been a “turn to practice” within the social sciences and humanities. Scholars have increasingly come to appreciate the significance of studying social phenomena through a “practice lens” as activity. This turn has been accompanied by “the material turn” – stressing that the study of social phenomena should be (more) attentive of the role of technologies, bodies and materialities. The turns to practice and materiality can be seen seen as an intellectual reaction to the dominant “linguistic turn” that prevailed in the social sciences and humanities in the later part of the twentieth century – spearheaded by structuralism, poststructuralism, and social constructionism. 

Practice theories have foucus on accounting for social life as organized in nexuses of practices in human activity. But they have said relatively little about the role played by texts, language, conversations and discursivity as components of social practices. In this PhD course leading proponents of the practice turn and social constructionism will investigate the role of discursivity in theorizing social activity. 

The PhD-course aims to introduce and critically examine practice theory and social constructionsim to illuminate the potentials of a conversation between these strands of research. It will focus on ontological, epistemological, theoretical and methodological issues of research within the social sciences and humanities and explore approaches to discursivity that set out to explain intelligibility, meaning, and signification within human practices. The course will thus primarily reflect on the major theoretical perspectives of practice theory and social constructionism, and these traditions’ philosophical background, and to some extend attend to the methodological approaches – such as nexus analysis and situational analysis – that sets out to analyze discursivity.

Participants should have some prior knowledge of theories of practice and social constructionism to appreciate the course. Active participation in the course is required.

ECTS for students:


Time: 21.- 24. Februar 2017

Venue: Aalborg University, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark, Room to be announced

Deadline for registration: The Course is now fully booked

Max. no. of participants: 20


The Course is now fully booked.


Contact Professor mso Anders Buch buch@learning.aau.dk if you have any questions regarding the academic content of the course

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