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Doctoral Program

The PhD programme ’Education, Learning and Philosophy’ is a cross-faculty research education programme under the research schools at the Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Social Sciences.

The programme focuses on education, teaching and learning with particular emphasis on adults. There will be touched upon different research problems regarding the development of organisations including management and evaluation, sociology of education, didactics, workplace learning, university pedagogics, IT-based education and the educational framework for the development of innovative competencies. The goal of the programme is to establish the best possible professional and social framework for supporting both the course of study and academic development of the PhD students.



The PhD student is employed and enrolled at one of the two research schools but is part of the joint programme and the common activities under the programme ‘Education, Learning and Philosophy’.

All PhD students will be assigned to one of the research units at the department.


Guidance and courses

The senior research associates of the department have the academic responsibility for the PhD guidance and arrangement of seminars and courses. Furthermore, the department is part of a large international network that provides both national and international researchers for activities such as lectures, visits and supplementary guidance.



Program Director Lektor Lars Birch Andreasen
Phone 9940 2361

PhD secretary Jeanette Arboe
Phone 9940 3062